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Wondrous Wasp Nest and a Giant Marquee

This wraps up today, along with aching shoulders and much tiredness.

Every year here a party is thrown for the daughters and friends, so we spent the day putting up the giant marquee — tricky and took over 4 hours — moving sofas and carpets and mattresses and more. The first highlight was riding on the trailer as it was pulled by the tractor up the field, carrying lamps and tables and other assorted items.

Farm 3.11

But really, I loved most of all this wasp nest built on one of the couches

wasp nest

Wondrous and beautifully made. I am sad to say that late in the afternoon I hit it with a stick because the couch was needed and I do not like getting stung…I had poked it lightly first and had it been a little stronger I might have considered a different form of removal, but it crumbled. It had no cells, was almost hollow and held at most 5 wasps. Sluggish, they did not fly at me despite how fast I initially ran away.

I bet that was fairly amusing to watch.

And then I fed the animals, and Arthur — este cabron — took a real run at me because he didn’t think I had given them enough corn and I cursed him fluently and at length. But the day is all done now. Short day tomorrow and then a luxurious get away to Derby.