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spanglish & roses

Hot again…I like heat though, I am a creature of the desert and if I could I would spend life like a lizard soaking up the sun on a stone, though sometimes I’d rather be surrounded by green things and mist and sleep on a bed of flower petals…I am a sadly divided soul turning between a hope for revolution and an enjoyment of tea with lots of milk and sugar in fine china.  Y de vez en cuando pienso en Espanol pero en veces in English and en veces los dos at the same time, and I love pocho sayings as much as my friend Ceci whose best story is her friend quien estaba hablando y se enojo y dijo que tu eres…tu eres un disgusting!  Only in pocho can an adjective become a noun.  Or when my pinches llantas are flatadas.  Or when I help get people raites.  Or talk about gangas with worried mothers.  Or the tenants who pay sus rentas con cash.  I love the border!  It has multiplied the vocabulary available to express myself by leaps and bounds, como un superman, or super mujer voy brincando de palabra a palabra. And how else could you have the magic that is the Texas Tornadoes?

And now the roses part…Ludin sent out this survey and idly interesada, I filled it out and found I was enchantment…always nice to know, que no?  Que lindo!  I mean, I’d hope falling in love with anyone was deep and meaningful, but at least it’s so when you fall for me!  What a relief!

You are a Lavender Rose

You represent love at first sight and enchantment.

Your vibe: intense and intriguing

Falling in love with you is: deep and meaningful

Arg and the opossum

My first adventure…so, as some of my ardent fan base may know, i baked cookies yesterday, and put them on a plate on my table beside an open window for a photo-op like so:

Well, about 1 in the morning as I was in that nice and warm halfway place between sleep and dreaming I suddenly sat straight up in bed remembering the blasted cookies left on a plate on my table in front of the open window. So throwing my robe over my jim jams I rushed to their rescue

I had sleepily placed about half of the cookies in a tin when my eyes, drawn by a strange sense of animal magnetism I have never yet felt, were drawn slowly to my left, where with a small cry of astonishment I found a large rodent regarding me steadily, and his beady black eyes locked with mine in a primal contest for domination as my mind feverishly considered his species. Since he was sitting up regarding me and had not moved for what must have been a minute entire I discarded rat and landed upon opposum. I forfeited the stare down in a desparate rush for my camera…just imagine the possibilities of a photo of an opossum sitting calmly in my dining room chair….i returned sadly to find him disappearing out of the window, though I confess after pondering the logistics of forcibly ejecting an opossum from my house i was happier about his exit than not. Back at the Arizona homestead we had a special plastic trash bin with high sides that was perfect for scooping up unwanted visitors with some small help from the broom, upon which they could be deposited at a distance from the house. Perhaps in a later episode I will say more about all of the exciting critters i have ejected from my room, but I found myself woefully unprepared now that I’m in the big city.

The good news is that the little guy did not go far…I think all in all I prefer the animal kingdom to show me a little more fear and respect, but here he is, hanging upside down to my great joy! Just outside my window he was, probably waiting for me to back away slowly from the cookies.

And as I contuned to shoot pictures he grumpily moved along at a slow and diginified pace so here’s another shot:

I have to say the one eye-opener of the evening, is that my cats just sat around and watched the whole time. I’m going to have to stop feeding them.