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Halsdon Nature Reserve

Halsdon Nature Reserve is formed by a beautiful wood along the Torridge. Even though we missed the bluebells, which were just finishing, the air was still thick with ransoms — my new name for wild garlic (Allium ursinum). I learned that you can eat the leaves, most delicious in a pesto. Campions, violets, some early larkspur as well, and masses of others I still have to look up.

But above all the trees — oaks, beeches and sycamores, just springing into their very early green. It must be one of the most wonderful colours in the world.

Under cloud cover:

Halsdon Nature Reserve

In the sun:

Halsdon Nature Reserve

We walked down to the old mill — the house’s cob walls on a foundation of brick still standing.


It is always sad to see such buildings falling into ruin. Picturesque though.

I climbed down into the well where I think the wheel must once have sat, and looked down the Torridge, it was a beautiful day today after so much rain.

Halsden Wood

We walked along the river a little ways, saw some mallards. And then the path opens out onto a meadow, where you can walk and look for otters if you don’t have a dog.

But we had a dog.

So we climbed up, circled back around. Sunday afternoons in Devon could hardly better, unless this one had included a cream tea.

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