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I milked a goat!

I don’t have much to add to that, and no pictures. But goats are SO much better than sheep, and OMG baby goats are the most amazing things ever. So much better than lambs (though lambs are still pretty cute). Intelligent, curious, they come right up to you for a scratch, they are brilliant, calm, well-behaved things. And their milk is delicious. As is the yogurt and keffir you can make with it.

I’m not brilliant yet at milking, but I hope to improve.

They will, of course, if let loose, forage widely and eat everything. They like willow and strip the bark from it like nobody’s business. Which is why these particular goats are shared with neighbours and away on their land, not on this smallholding anywhere near Rob’s precious trees…

I didn’t get any pictures of today’s goats, but here is the beautiful tiny baby goat from Sweden.