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Last Lines…

Raymond Charles Douglas, her lips said silently.
He hurried. (Simmons – Man Walking on Eggshells)

Montag’s novel is here.
I am grateful that he wrote it for me. (Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451)

As the gears of mainstream politics and economic crisis clash and grind above their heads, I would expect this realization to be the guiding factor in where mass movements turn next. (Mason – Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere)

To sum up, over the centuries countless feet have trudged up the ramp which is the Donkey Walk leading from the dockside to the top of Redcliffe Parade: soldiers, sailors, sea captains, merchants, captives and tourists have all passed this way. (Lea-Jones – Bristol Curiosities)

as my sight
they vanish
as (Gladman – Newcomer Can’t Swim)

Can we get something to eat first? (Byrne & Gurr – Bristol Story)

For such a city it is worthwhile to invent a new expertise, an attentive, lively, profound discipline, with on-the-spot investigators, connnoisseurs of life-styles and living styles, stable visionaries, scientists of human nature who do not, like every stupid little provincial artist, allow themselves to feel superior to it, all of them wanting to learn the dance so they can defend it between the new banks of happiness. (La Cecla – Against Architecture)

Baseball is all I know. (Miller – The 5th Inning)

Footsteps on the air. (Le Guin – The Telling)

So we will leave Betty and Basil to their reminiscences as they swing across the Heath in the sunshine. (Hay – Murder Underground)

Wasn’t it odd?(Forrester – The Female Detective)

Tonight, I could still see Forever, but Forever was nothing to see. (Lansdale – Mucho Mojo)

Nothing ends, not even a trilogy; instead of ending, it opens wide, as wide as man is able. (Capek – Three Novels)

But, with the return of Robinson in Keiller’s work, we are recalled finally to Defoe himself in whom the figure of novelist, pamphleteer and radical combined to provide a lasting template for a future psychogeography in which literary endeavor and political activism are once again inseparable. (Coverley – Psychogeography)

He passed on unsuspected and deadly, like a pest in the street full of men. (Conrad – Secret Agent)

But it wasn’t blood — only strawberry juice. (Strugatskys – Hard to Be a God)

And now, in the shadowed half of the world, to sleep. (Woolf – Selected Essays)

My life will be the happier, turn out what it may, for these friendships, these pot-house nights, these evenings in the firelight of a studio, and these walks, two or three of us together talking from our hearts, along the Embankment in the Chelsea evening, with the lamps sparkling above us in the leaves of the trees, the river moving with the sweet noise of waters, the wings of youth on our feet, and all the world before us. (Ransome – Bohemia in London)

Yes, of course, except for writing, the only consolation. (Pamuk – The Black Book)

The waters have been taken away, the tide has gone out, but it will come back some day. I suspect if it does it will come with a roar. (Shannon – The Taking of the Waters)

The day and the night began again their round. (Soupault – Last Nights of Paris)

Force to its farthest limit the idea of the destruction of persons, and go beyond that limit.(Aragon – Paris Peasant)

‘Yes, I’d like to do that, but you’re always out, aren’t yer?’(Bucheta – In the Ditch)

The unexamined life is not worth living, but the unlived life doesn’t bear thinking about.(Wark – The Beach Beneath the Street)

and the great black hole where a moon ago I wanted to drown it is there I will now fish the malevolent tongue of the night in its motionless veerition! (Cesaire – Notebook of Return to the Native Land)

“In the end they’ll…,” he thought. (Dib – The Savage Night)

She turned and went on her way. (Holland – Floating Worlds)

He glanced round quickly and then ran after the column with smarting eyes. (Gurnah – Paradise)

Or would I try to convince her, tell her that together we could defend ourselves better from the evil of the world, or that the world was too risky a place to be wandering on our own, without anyone waiting for us at home, who worries about us when we don’t show up and who can go out to look for us?(Vasquez – The Sound of Things Falling)

It was a summer night: laughter fell softly: it was the sort of night that if you wasn’t making love to a woman you feel you was the only person in the world like that. (Selvon – Lonely Londoners)

Before he opens the door, he looks back at the wide front porch of the yellow house one last time, and the girl is putting out the candles inside the jack-o’-lanterns, one by one. (Kiernan – Low Red Moon)

He knew what those jubilant crowds did not know but but could have learned from books: that the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good; that it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen-chests; that it bides its times in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it roused up its rats again and sent them forth to die in a happy city.(Camus – The Plague)

The hands aren’t moving, but he can wait.(Link – Magic for Beginners)

And, where the Hulk walks–he walks–alone! (Essential Hulk Vol. 1)


Stella.(Bruen – Taming the Alien)

Of how the Tower with its head amongst the lightnings became the wonder-sight of that mysterious world,– and strange indeed it seems to us that the most fairylike things in that land of Fairies should be a monument built by a Man. (Timlin – The Ship That Sailed to Mars)

In the brilliance of this desert, in the safe harbour of writing in quest of a language beyond languages, by trying fiercely to obliterate all the furies of the collective self-devouring in oneself, finding “the word within” again that, alone, remains our fertile homeland. (Djebar – Algerian White)

Hope is the beginning. (Ghosh – The Circle of Reason)

I felt her other hand against me, searching for my hand; then I felt her squeezing my fingers. (Gaines – A Gathering of Old Men)

You are no longer certain which side of the fence is the dream. (Morganstern – The Night Circus)

‘This is England,’ she said. ‘You can do whatever you like.’ (Ali – Brick Lane)

‘It’s all right now.’ (Hawken – The Dead Women of Juarez)

A thousand years hence, if men still exist, and are able to tell the truth, they will pay a similar tribute to the finest hours of the British Empire. (Peel – Along the Roman Roads of Britain)

The body was never found. (Allingham – The Tiger in the Smoke)

Control jumped. (Authority – Jeff Vendermeer)

Come in, Adam, and rest; it has been a hard day for thee. (Adam Bede – Elliot)

“The young man with spectacles,” said Mr. Dyson. (The Three Imposters – Machen)

Kandid got up, drew the scalpel from his blouse, and strode off to the outskirts of the village. (The Snail on the Slope – Strugatskys)

“I have a story for you.” (Yiddish Policemen’s Union – Chabon)

“O all ye works of the Lord, bless ye the Lord: praise him and magnify him for ever.” (Father Potter of Peckham – Father Potter)

And Manhattan, before fading from our Universe, replies: “In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.” Oscar Wao, Diaz

To know Being, this is the final grace accorded from the mountain. The Livng Mountain, Nan Shepard

Thus did saints expelled from Britain a century before arrive in a place whence three centuries later trees of the wildwood would be felled to make kit houses for export to Longbridge. Time’s Anvil, Morris

There was a similar device on the River Calder near Wakefield. History of the Countryside, Oliver Rackham

The war was far from over Dragonfly Falling, Tchaikovsky

Away from here where nothing bad
ocurred, to where it really did Collected Poems, Patricia Beer

And everyone, including Fred, shouted…’HOORAY’! The Twits, Dahl

Disabled people’s lives depend on it. Crippled, Frances Ryan.

Raven felt in her hands the awesome weight and responsibility of all that was not yet something, and she spoke into the abyss, shouting with unfettered triumph: in the beginning…In the beginning! Raven, Som Paris

Rethinking democracy as a system to support people as they try to live more humane and caring lives s the next step n our ongoing democratic revolution. Let’s begin. Now. Who Cares? Joan Tronto

“We’ll take in a quick bite at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.” Hitchhkers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

There are no shortcuts. No Shortcuts, Jane McAlevey

Or that Travis remained Co. to the end of the chapter–the children’s Co. never taking a wife unto himself? The Manchester Man, Isabella Banks

As the feminist movement aims at revolution in social reality, the feminist theoretical point of view must also aim at a revolution in knowledge. Each is indispensable to the other. Close to Home, Delphy

We only have to listen for it to reveal itself. Feminism, Interrupted Olufemi

Let it be yours. Cage of Souls, Tchaikovsky

Chief Inspector Chen was ready to go back to Shanghai. A Case of Two Cities, Qiu Xiaolong

I have only described what I have found. Always a Little Further, Borthwick

And they all drew in about their chairs and ate. The Quarry Wood, Nan Shepard

“Nay then, love!” expostulated the Major. “Don’t be so daft!” The Unknown Ajax, Heyer

“You already work for me, Chen Su Lin. And I have the papers to prove it.” The Frangipani Tree Mystery, Ovidia Yu

En attendant, however, he has completed his notes, which, we believe, will be at the service of any one who chooses to make them public without risk or expense to THE ANTIQUARY. The Antiquary, Scott

“I’m damned,” Yu said, shaking his head like a rattle drum. Red Mandarin Dress, Qiu Xiaolong

But more positively, we can all be part of the great unlocking of sustainable urban futures. Unlocking Sustainable Cities, Chatterton

It was like boarding a spaceship from the past. Polar star, Cruz Smith

“Leave Mao in Peace,” the retired cop said shivering, as if having swallowed a fly, “in heaven or in hell.” The Mao Case, Qiu Xiaolong

The rocks remember all. Let them speak. The Underlands, Nield

“I’ll meet you there.” Don’t Cry, Tai Lake, Qiu Xiaolong

For all the superficial unity implied by the certainty of Sin City’s visual style and by yet another book about the genre, film noir, like the subjects it depicts, is discontinuous and disunified strapped into and bound by a plot no one could predict, condemned to ride the streetcar until the last stop. Film Noir, Mark Bould

If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together. (Lilla Watson quoted in Eco-Sufficiecy and Global Justice, ed Salleh)

Ye are many–they are fewPeople Get Ready, Berry & Jones

In return for the privilege of breath. Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer

We know better now. The work we began, the cause we sponsored, the faith we held will all remain to be carried on, we hope, but abler hands than ours. The Hard Way Up, Hannah Mitchell  

So practice emergent strategy, yes, but only as much as you understand that it is a way to practice love. For this, for all of this. Emergent Strategy, Adrienne Maree Brown

“Yes, the world is too small–we will meet–we must meet–and then-” The Extraordinary Adventures of Arséne Lupin, Maurice Leblanc

Everyone looked up into the sky, and over the broad, vast land, silence reigned. Vagabonds, Hao Jingfang

Her beautiful arms were exposed, and the black lizard tattoo that was the source of her nickname seemed to writhe ever so slightly like a living creature desolate at the death of its mistress. The Black Lizard, Rampo

Half a year has passed since Shizuko’s tragic death, but Hirata Ichirō has still not appeared and my awful doubts about what now cannot be changed deepen every day.  Beast in the Shadows, Edogawa Rampo

Janet looked at Cat and laughed. And Cat, though he was still a little lonely and tearful, managed to laugh too. Charmed Life, Diana Wynne Jones

`And some one of us has it now, though exactly I don’t know. The Irish for No, Ciarán Carson

At last, reparations will move America from here to equality. (From Here to Equality, Darity and Mullen

Even when in doubt, we pledge to remain faithful to our political principles and steadfast in our commitment to revolutionary struggle and optimism. We are the Red Nation.  The Red Deal