Two trees in autumn with golden leaves and a view

Bristol Autumn

It is actually winter I think, 4th December…winter, right? It’s winter in Manchester. It snowed and everything. I take the train south and time moves backwards to an earlier season.

Autumn is one of my favourites. Crisp air and blue skies with a hint of gold, the glow of changing leaves. Ashton court was beautiful. Open space, I desperately needed open space. Ancient oaks. Deer. It was warm enough tucked into the back of the golden stones collecting the sun to enjoy an ice cream.

We walked home across Clifton bridge, down through town. We passed hundreds of bikers dressed as santas (and elves, and reindeer and assorted holiday characters) driving jubilant and loud through the streets.

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  1. More lovely stuff Andrea.

    I once chaired a Governing Body in a Tottenham primary school. At the time I was Labour Party constituency secretary and later elected as a local councillor. Our friend who was Chair of the borough education committee twisted arms to get people to become governors and help turn it round.
    I said: “Thanks, Lucy, but I’d rather not. She said: “I’m not asking. I’m telling you.”

    Some existing staff rose brilliantly to the challenge. And among great new staff who came was a headteacher – Susan Head.
    Nominative Determinism.

    Have you come across this website by Paul Wood?

    I bet you thought Charles Dickens made up all those names, dincha?

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