Gardening lessons

I did not have enough respect for nettles. I do now, and will for the next hours and days if my hand keeps itching.

I actually enjoy weeding, particularly when it is half spent listening to Welcome to Night Vale (which makes time speed quickly by and I highly recommend), and half listening to bird song. Most of all, I enjoy it when I look back and see a wide swathe of weed-free earth.

Farming 2.3

I have not yet conquered my fear of the gander, but I will. As apparently he himself respects a big stick.

Farming 2.3

I do not have enough endurance when it comes to scraping paths clear. But we scraped them. They are nice to look back on as well, once you have managed to fully straighten up.

Farming 2.3

Calendulas are some of the most beautiful things in the world.

Farming 2.3

And finally, I am so glad we have weekends free. Though tonight I am learning how to milk the goat!


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