Countryside Day 2

I am not sore!

We started today with a drive around the various fields to check on all the sheep — so many smallholdings have been broken up for conversion and development, contiguous fields are nigh impossible to come by. Thus the patchwork method, which requires driving and an immense amount of trouble moving sheep from field to field as you must.

Almost all of the barns and the farms we passed have been converted. They are such lovely, substantial, old buildings and I couldn’t help thinking about what needs to happen to convert them back to usefulness again, as we need them to be given the future that climate change is bringing us.

I learned a lot about sheep today. Most of which I have forgotten but with some repetition I am sure I shall get better. I do remember a little — Romneys are the best mums, Texcels are the best for meat and if you look at them as a butcher might you will notice they have lovely round ends, cheviots (pronounced cheeviots) are…are…I dunno, but they have awesome hair.

Male sheep are dangerous and if you enter their field they are well-capable of cornering you. Generally, the result is knee injuries because of their height — they have dislocated many a knee I find.

No one here mocks my nervousness of cows.

I am fascinated by how differently the wool sits on the different breeds, and just how thick it is.

New grass lacks magnesium, so they need supplements. Also, it goes right through a sheep. It makes them messy, but that mess could also be worms. If one sheep has worms, they all do.

Beautiful fields though.

Farm 1.2

Farm 1.2

Farm 1.2Every time you move sheep you have to clean out the trailer — so I got to do that today too. With a pressure washer. It is both immensely satisfying to expose the metal beneath the shit with one stroke of your hose, there is something wonderful about cleaning things that are filthy.

It went on for a very long time though.

Very long.

And despite the sexy jump suit I got wet.

But before that we drove some of the most beautiful bluebell woods I have ever seen.

Shower, hot tea, delicious lunch, more weeding of willow bank. Then a walk, the skies dark and forbidding and the sun still shining — It hailed again today, but we had just gotten indoors…

Farm 1.2

Farm 1.2

I am a big fan of WWOOFing, I am having a wonderful time.

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