Near Perfect Day

Though I know it is still early yet! And this will be the most boring blog post ever but this one’s for me, not you. I like to remember the gorgeously happy feeling of days like these. I’ll start at the beginning, the early hours of the morning to be exact…

Laura’s house beside the metro line, drinking and cumbias and drinking and talking to folks and drinking…we left after 2 am.

Rolled out of bed this morning feeling impressively good and off to yoga at the Y. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had, that’s always nice. And there was no mention of kegel exercises to make me fall over like last time (though I did appreciate the mention once I’d extricated myself from the floor).

Sauna and steam. The last of the stress melted away.

Brunch at Masa with Bev and Jose, married couple extraordinaire (there are so few). French toast and fried potatoes and hot coffee. Mm.

Bought some new music, Cafe Quijano, and they are fucking great, there is nothing better than finding new music that makes you dance. And dance I did, to and I spent some quality time on youtube today too. Love it.

Walked down to Echo Park lake and sat on the grass with the crossword and even got to a bit of writing, the weather today was absolutely perfect. The sun reflected off the water. The ducks swam. And Cafe Quijano was still rocking my world.

Lentils currently on the stove, a delicious meal in the makings.

A night of movies on the laptop in the splendid downy comfort of my own bed with a bottle of wine and dark chocolate coming up. I have to be up early tomorrow! And I really didn’t get much sleep at all last night…

A big day planned, and then a week of road tripping and quality time with one of my greatest friends to look forward to…

Only one thing missing.

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