Addendum to heroes

I don’t have time to be writing this at all, I really don’t. But I found out yesterday that Don IS Don White’s first name…Donald to be exact. So here am I thinking he is affectionately and respectfully known as don White, though off course everyone else I know as don is don Mauricio, or don Tonito for example, I just figured it was the spanglishness of it that led to don plus the last name…and this is a very pocho mistake for me to make and quite funny.

But good to know I did know Don’s first name. The church was packed, so many people, it was beautiful…though ran really horrifically long in true white lefty fashion as everyone and their mother probably demanded to speak, and spoke at length, I did feel for the committee who put it together…four hours though, that’s a bit much, I would have so much preferred a nice wake, a nice sit down with folks passing a few bottles of something hard and telling stories, to be followed by dancing and deep discussion. Ah well…I shall ensure people do that for me 🙂 We left in the middle for drinks and came back to find the church much emptier then it had been and the program still going strong…so I didn’t get to bump into everyone I haven’t seen in years or make new friends and I’m sure that made Don sad, still, it was a beautiful thing to celebrate him with so many people.

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