last wednesday

Forcing myself to write for myself later on…last night I went to dinner with Maria and Araceli and Monic to la Guelaguetza…mmm, mole and nopales and quesadillas with huitlaco…huitzlaco…huitzlacochitl? Maybe? It’s some nahuatl word and I don’t think that’s right…It’s a mushroom that grows on corn and absolutely delicious, I’d never had it before…

And then this morning I went to see Agustina…she made me feel so much better about everything because here she is in her very own office, her business started with the money from the Morrison struggle

I had some clothes needing a bit of taking in, and Agustina always inspires me, she’s an amazing incredible woman, and it made me so happy to see her again, it’s been awhile…she has also learned to drive since I last saw her! And her business is now taking in a profit, if you need anything tailored let me know and I shall give you the address!

Today went to lunch with Linda but we were so busy talking I didn’t take pictures…and then to dinner with dona Irene y Pati, here’s my adopted mexican grandmother making gorditas

They were soooo good, and I can make them as well now…but I ate far too much, I shall be rolling onto my plane I think. I biked home, the skies have finally cleared and it was cold and lovely and a full moon. Beautiful. Nights like this I love L.A.

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