kosher yemeni food

It’s so yum! I delight in food, the love is heart felt and deep rooted though it does not include the shishi or the overpriced. The Magic Carpet (close your eyes girl, look inside girl, let the sun take you away…I’ve been singing that all damn afternoon) on Pico and La Cienaga – highly recommended, had our staff party there this afternoon…I mean, look at this spread:

Even Amaya liked it though you can’t really tell

She’s finally getting to the interesting age where she can actually talk, I must confess I don’t quite know what to do with children before they hit that milestone…and the worst is that every day is a new day with babies, they’re your best friend and then tomorrow comes and they don’t have any clue who you are and you have to start all over again, fickle little buggers I must say. But I like them once you can talk and play more than peek-a-boo, me and Amaya have nice long conversations now where we both get to make up all of the words. Anyways, food is delicious, for the vegetarians the eggplant moussaka is the best I’ve had ever, eggplant seems to be one of the few things I just can’t seem to cook. The bread is of the best as well.

This is my plate, showing two of my greatest weaknesses – my dislike of cooked carrots and my unfortunate tendency to amass cutlery. It does feel good to get this off my chest…

The ambience is unbeaten as well, here’s an action shot of the indomitable Beverly, lately my practical partner in crime

And a mannekin…a first for me as far as restaurant decoration goes. This gentleman was a first as well

I don’t know what he’s selling but I bought some…

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