ahhhhhhh sunday

I love sundays, long and mellow and full of rest. Those are the good ones, and by that standard I have had a superlative one, highly unexciting however, this is a good blog to read right before bed. I woke up late, got up, had a cup of coffee and some homemade biscotti, opened up the times crossword (it didn’t go well at all sadly), fell back asleep on the couch, woke up, had some more coffee, got some quality email done, took a shower about 3…that was a bit of an awakening, turns out my feet were frozen almost solid and it took a few painful minutes as they wakened back into life, can’t believe LA is this fucking cold. Wandered down to the drugstore and bought some wine and some packing tape…i was going to make mulled wine, I’m feeling rather medieval today and it felt like just the thing for a little holiday pick-me-up, sadly, I did not realize orange juice was necessary and am not fancying another little walk to the drugstore. I might go pull some kumquats off of my tree, but they are very small and did I say I was feeling lazy? I am, very. Even so, I am going to clean the kitchen in a moment and cook to the cheerful tunes of chichi peralta, more dancing than cooking actually…once i finish off my tea.

Had to work yesterday, thanks all of you that came! Luckily we know a bit about making work fun, here’s our little holiday event, Son del centro and eastside cafe and friends to make the day go faster…

It rained yesterday which means we didn’t get much turn out which was sad, it is highly amusing how LA shuts down and retreats into itself in the face of some showers! Still, the music was great, and folks missed seeing someone play the jawbone of a very large cow! That alone was worth a trip in the rain I think, and my photographs were another, I actually decided to sell some which was nerve wracking because what if no one liked them? Luckily people did and I sold almost enough to pay for the new printer I bought to print them out on…made almost seventy dollars in fact in spite of low turnout, how exciting is that? Only one woman sniffed and told me I should have made them bigger and wandered away without buying one…I was able to laugh that comment off with Davin’s help, though I’m a bit sensitive about my photos and my writing I must admit. I’m working on thick skin but it hasn’t quite grown in yet!

Anyways, tea almost done…second band dhum machale and they were great though not quite my taste, a bit too R&B really, but perhaps it’s just that as they were setting up I was convinced they would be playing some nice cuban son…I mean check out the guitar players outfit! I also loved the guy on the keyboards…

The best part was that they had one groupie…one middle aged white lady complete in belly dancing costume AND belly dancing moves, where do these people come from?? She was awesome, and convinced they will be the next big thing and we’ll all be talking about the day we saw them playing at SAJE…well, I charitably hope she is right of course. I still wish some really good indie or punk bands were knocking down our door to play in our space, but such is life.

Right, finished my tea, I wonder what I shall cook? Think I’m going to go pick some kumquats after all before it gets dark.

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