Yes, it is thursday, a sunny yet chilly day here in LA, but perfect bike weather! I got to bike far and wide to all of my meetings without breaking a sweat, and I’m happily tired, and just back home from a great meal with friends and a couple of beers…who could ask for more from life? Well, I suppose I could ask for one or two more things, but I’m trying to be more or less content with my lot in life at the moment because everything will soon be better! I’m moving to Britain…and I’m not Russian so I will hopefully not be poisoned by some character with a pronounced accent and a limp…at least, I can hope! I haven’t personally angered Putin in any way (that he could actually find out about) so I should be alright.

Wanted to share a bit more LA scenery with the world…this is one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time, hope it’s as good for all of you as it was for me!

Out of service? What? And what’s it doing parked on Venice Blvd anyways? I will never know…I also passed this outstanding spray-can work this afternoon noonish, also on Venice

Very cool, Pico Union is like some kind of great outdoor art gallery, full of botanicas and graffiti and crazy mercados with pictures of the Virgin Mary and cattle…I didn’t stop for that last one, sorry! When you’ve built up momentum on the bike and are cruising past traffic it’s a bit hard to stop for even the best photographic opportunities. Though this evening on the way home? Yikes, fucking cold, I was half singing and half graphically cursing under my breath the whole way home…I am going to buy some hot pants, gloves, a beanie and a cool aerodynamic sweatshirt that zips up this weekend, because my naked right calf with the pant leg rolled up? Freakin cold, and my hands were cold and my ears and my nose and my arms and my tummy, I was just entirely cold, and the crisp night wind blowing direct into my face awoke real tears. Still, I think I looked pretty good because I received my third “Hey, white chocolate, mm” from a passing car, I doubt anyone in Scotland will think to call me white chocolate, and that just might make me sad. Separation from my bike might also cause severe anxiety because the best cure for misery I’ve found to date is a hard bike ride through LA streets…and beer. Or both. Though not at the same time. I’ve tried that and it’s not especially fun, especially when you’re going uphill.

Right, I am off in one minute to either read a novel, or the scholarly articles on the etiology of slum related diseases that I brought home from work and which must be read as sooon as possible…all bets are on as to which I shall choose, even I don’t know yet! Just wanted to present the one brilliant picture from my thanksgiving trip to Tucson

Ahh…the drive-through liquor store, why don’t they have more of these? I mean drinking and driving! Good times, nothing but good times! Speaking of good times, I made the mistake of turning on the news this morning, and there was Pat Buchanan as a commentator on which Democrats would be putting in their bids for the presidency… was I in my oh-shit-I’m-out-of-coffee sleepiness acidentally watching Fox? I rubbed my eyes and no, oh no, Pat Buchanan was commentating for NBC. He was followed by America’s drug czar discussing how illegal immigrants were trafficking meth across the border…Meth? Chrystal meth? That stuff made far and wide across the heartland in shacks and middleclass bathrooms everywhere? They’re actually trying to blame our very own homegrown chrystal meth problem on immigrants? Who in their right mind would bother to risk bringing that across the border when it’s being made in every highschool chem lab sink? No one, it was a clear cry for a slapping or a cold sustained splash of water and I hope they received it from someone, i was a bit too far away but it almost inspired a letter. Damn, I’m still angry just recalling it, may the american media catch the chicken pox AND the measles, and maybe even receive a dose of that Polonium isotope…

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