Things that make you say hmmmm

I’m desperately seeking distraction from a rather grim reality, and today was agood day for distractions…first I was horrifically busy, had a big tenant meeting this evening, a nice 12 hour day will always take your mind off of things. But look what Bev brought in:

Pickle Puss…dill pickle flavoured bubble gum in a container strangely reminescent of…of…well, you know. It is astonishing what some people consider a good idea! I’m glad someone out there created such a thing however, it really made my day.

I also had a good metaphysical conversation with Chanoch, our bookeeper. he’s an orthodox jew, though he wears the most astonishing patterned shirts and sandals. He spends his time studying the Torah and that’s all…works as little as possible to study the Torah as much as possible, and I really love such people. Just trying to schedule a meeting is an adventure, he told me today that all time is illusion, and didn’t I agree? I said dear me no, time in fact was ticking away and work piling, steadily piling up. What did he mean? Well, in reality, in real time, actions and consequences are not separated because you will always suffer these consequences. And therefore all these slumlords we are fighting against are living as though there are no consequences but in reality their punishment is as real as anything else, and this reality makes time and the separation between act and punishment an illusion…I think that’s the gist of it, it requires more thought, and I should have taken notes! He teaches Kabbalah classes which I am strongly tempted to attend, but sadly they’re in the valley or West LA, might as well be in Arizona I’m afraid, the physical impossibility fo reaching such places during rush hour boggles the mind.

Tomorrow I’m off to Arizona for a little turkey with my parents, my ex (long story that) and my uncle chuckles and family…don’t let the misnomer chuckles disarm you, I dubbed him uncle chuckles in face of his decidedly unchucklish qualities. He is in fact a strongly conservative religious sort of man who works for the Army Corps of Engineers in Dallas…we fight, a lot. He makes simple discussion rather impossible. As impossible as an enjoyable holiday. I’ve packed up all my stuff that I want to keep and won’t be taking with me…only four boxes, I am doing well on getting rid of everything, I shall be as the lillies of the field I believe…maybe rather better dressed. A tear or two was shed, a very lowering sense of desolation competes with the contentment of a job well done and one more thing checked off of my list…I am drinking rather heavily and that’s helping take the edge off.

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