Friday lunchtime…almost no one is here in the office, we had a huge fantastic event last night, domingosiete played, over 150 people here, and I danced as if there were no tomorrow, so now that tomorrow has come like a load of bricks to the back of my head, I’m feeling a bit the worse for wear. Could’ve been that last bottle of champagne that did it…glad that no one is here actually, cause I don’t feel like talking. I took a little walk in the warm sunshine, eyes half closed against a much too sunny sun, down to the mercado for a bean and cheese burrito. I’ve decided to be a vegetarian until Christmas, and I’m five days into it, and you know what? I’m a lot hungrier a lot more of the time. Why did I decide to do this? I’m unsure of the exact reason, maybe just to see if I could! Maybe because I think eating meat is wrong? No…don’t think that’s it, clearing subsistence fields of diversified crops to plant massive regions of soya beans and lentils for export to the international market is just as wrong as massive pasturage for beef, and I think our teeth prove we were meant to eat meat, as do my cravings…still buddhists might have a point. In short, I just decided to do it, perhaps I just feel the need for even more change than is already coming my way. But as I say, I’m a lot hungrier a lot more of the time. I am going to take a turkey break over thanksgiving, as I don’t think I shall require my folks to change their eating habits for my accomodation, but in the meantime I am going to have to buy lots of healthy snacks I think.

I wandered past Theosophy Hall on my back to the office, Cool old building and there are still theosophists running around LA it seems…their motto is “The truth shall set you free” which I like, but apparently there is no commonly accepted definition of their beliefs, or better put the are many different strands of thinking that could be called theosophy. I have always wanted to go in and see exactly what they’re all about, because I just know about Madame Blavatsky and her familiars and also that Yeats was a theosophist. Obviously, however, today was not the day. It’s on my list though, of things to do before I leave LA…a list which is getting ever longer.

I’m supposed to go out for a quietish night on the (china)town, but I’m not sure if I’m up for it…have been out on the tear tues, wed, and thurs of this week, have another big thing saturday night and am off to joshua tree for 2 days of camping on sunday morning so…maybe the exciting Doors event shall be posted this evening. We shall see…

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