Aterciopelada and hot

Which means velvety y caliente, and that’s how I’m feeling at the moment. Just got back from seeing los Aterciopelados at Amoeba records, and damn, they were fantastic! Too short a set, but no admission charge and they had a mountain of records to sign…I decided not to wait though I did buy the new album, I’m really liking it. Here they are in one of my favourite spots in all of LA

I’m the only one I know who was excited about seeing them, but you can go to the record store all by yourself without feeling too lonely or getting hit on by drunken idiots.

Apart from some great live music (and who honestly can ask for more from a day?), today was also the great voting day across the nation and I did my part though I’m not sure I believe in it anymore…and looks like Schwarzenegger’s going to win anyway, racist mother fucker. In spite of the fact that he is hated by nurses, teachers, firefighters, policemen, public employees, immigrants, and thinking people everyone. Enough to make you want to cut your wrists. If Steven Seagal or Tom Cruise run for any kind of office whatsoever, I will.

Passed this on the way home from work on my bike today…on Hill under the freeway:

Perhaps the homeless are celebrating his victory as well? Or burning things before the police can arrest them and throw everything away. Our city now has three cops on every corner of skid row, arrests people for being on the street though there are 90,000 homeless people in LA county and only a couple of thousand beds in the shelters…last week on my way home I passed 3 squad cars and 6 cops arresting the two guys who live near the drugstore and do nothing to no one. You’d think there’d be some real crime going on somewhere, in fact I know there is, instead of the war on poverty we’ve declared war on the poor. Makes me feel a bit like burning things as well I suppose, the fire trucks passed me a few blocks further on, I almost turned back but the Aterciopelados were calling me. Besides, the effort involved made me pause, it hit over 90 degrees today! Can’t believe it’s November, honestly.

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