Big game last night, anticipation, as is all too often the case, was much better than the match sadly, but still, Ronaldinho came in second half…and the crowd went wild!  No Messi sadly, only 7 starters, Marquez was there, Omar Bravo for the Chivas…ended up as a tie 1-1, some good shots on goal, one of them off the crossbar, but a pretty defensive game alltogether though Barca dominated.  Some drama around the Barca goal I found later, supposedly should have been offsides, but who could tell where we were??  The crowd really deserved better because it was an amazing event.  Since most of the male population of Jalisco currently lives in LA you can imagine the Chivas fervour and the crowd was amazing, the distractions on the whole were better than the match, and here they are in order of appearance…first though the view from where we were sitting

You can see that forgiveness is necessary for a lack of the play by play excitement that might have been had I been in a box seat.  I’ll try and make richer friends!  So, focus on what I did see…ie distractions:

1.  Coors light…the only alcoholic (if you can call it alcoholic) beverage served at the event, a tragic mockery of beer on sale a pitiful 2 glasses at a time.  Luckily I forgot to eat something before so I just made it to the proper feel-good haze required for a football match.

2.  A small child sat behind who was cute enough, but thought it great fun to hit my back as I was watching

3.  The wave, made the rounds several times during the frequent dull moments

4.  Some idiot female dancing and threatening to take of her top (she never did to great general disappointment)…she had my entire section on their feet staring to our left and blocking my view.  I suppose if you don’t have your own breasts a view of someone elses is pretty exciting, especially for all of the 10 year olds in the crowd who might have never seen them…5 policeman converged…the police had a mighty presence at the game, this isn’t quite in order but here they are escorting the refs off the field from the first MLS game (it was a doubleheader), mildly amusing as no one really cared about the game or the refs…

6.  An unknown man to our left in a very large sombrero somehow incited the ire of the crowd which commenced a massive food fight and the throwing of cups of beer and water…didn’t get a good shot of that sadly, but the police were forced to intervene a second time.

7.  Sprinklers!!  Oh yes, someone forgot to turn of the automatic timer so the sprinklers came on in the middle of the game, just on our end of the field and sadly play was far away as Barca rushed the Chivas goal so no one got wet…All of the action happened once Ronaldinho was in and hell for me because it all happened on the other end of the field mostly…

8.  Fireworks!  How fans got fireworks in I do not know, but they were quite lovely against the backdrop of downtown…

9.  Smoke bombs?  Is that what they were?  I don’t know, but there was an entire section of mad chivas fans complete with red and white streamers and as far as I can tell no one there sat down for the duration of the two games, and they had drums…The smoke effects were quite impressive however, I imagine the police intervened yet again, but could see nothing!

And so there you have it!  A great time had by one and all I believe!  Especially when the Chivas scored to tie the game, a lovely header in the last minutes.

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