How you know you are loved…

how do you know you are loved?

Folks we’ve helped drop by the office bringing fruit, and it can only be because they love us!  To date we have received 3 watermelons, 4 mangos, 2 plums and 5 apples, which totals quite a large fruit basket.  And a fresh juicy sweet watermelon on a hot day…my my, it is an almost sinful pleasure to eat.

Saw Manu Chao last night, hell of amazing concert!  Half punk and half reggae blues and since I danced all night I vote it altogether fantastic.  I also saw Lisa Bonet, of Cosby show fame, and sadly Mike, the one person I’ve had to fire in my life and I still feel terribly, even after all the shit he said in the exit interview and seeing his empty filing cabinets.  So obviously I hid.  It wasn’t hard to do, the Shrine was sold out.

And lastly, passed this on the way home the other day and had to stop…

Lasers?  Wow, I looked, but saw not a one…I’m thinking of bringing a marker with me on Friday when I shall pass that way again and writing something in because this sign has a lot of potential…what shall it be?

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