Hockogrockle and the Wambling Trot

Arg here again, i am not yet having amazing adventures, this comic thing is a lot harder than i thought, so y’all just have to settle for funny pictures.

So, anyhow, i was reading this book, and yes, i do read books without pictures in them, just don’t tell anyone, its a bit embarrassin for an American and all that, but I found out that in the not too distant past people suffered from illnesses such as “the Strong Fives, the Marthambles, the Moon- Pall, and the Hockogrockle.”  What are these diseases and how do I contract one???  Unfortunately my book skimmed over these delightful pieces of eccentricity without delving deeper into the mechanics of experiencing them for oneself.  I am particularly interested in succumbing to a bad case of the Hockogrockle, imagine me calling into work…my only sadness is that i would not be able to see my boss’ face as i told her the heartbreaking news.  The thought sends shivers of anticpation down my spine and a slight fit of the giggles.  It might give me a week or two to work on my adventures without distraction or emergency of any kind.  As long as it does not involve too many extended visits to the bathroom (the Wambling Trot gives that distinct impression, i don’t think i’d like that one!), it would also add an air of distinction to my medical record that cat scratch disease could hardly compare to.  So, if anyone out there knows of these diseases, or by great luck has one, you are invited to get in touch.

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